Sharing, Learning

We are building a programme for Three Seas to run more refurb projects to Cornish heritage buildings as we create more community housing; we intend to develop a specific work area on research and data collection for techniques that really work, to identify the best possible options in each case. We have already learned a lot from experts in this field; we want to extend that, share the learning and add to the common pool of expertise.

Using the flats as a testbed

We want the flats to become a testbed for various energy efficiency technologies. They are of similar sizes and identical construction: we think it could be possible to retain the high-value refurb while varying the insulation materials and fittings, so that the actual results and benefits can be compared in a real situation over time.

We are interested in ideas around shared services, such as a “mini district heating” scheme to spread the value of renewable energy generation and offer low-cost background warmth. We are currently looking at ways to push forward with this side, through further specialist consultations and designs.

Training and upskilling for local building firms

Local building firms: We will offer the refurbishment work first to local firms in and around Looe, so that the capital investment stays in the town. We will obviously need high-quality contractors, so we’ll help small firms upskill as necessary (such as heritage techniques and green energy). We also hope to bring in additional training for local young people, ideally including apprenticeships.