ABout us

Legal structure and registration details

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Community Benefit Society, no. 9179. Registered Office: Drake Cottage, Armada Rd, Cawsand, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL10 1PQ

You can find our Registration Certificate and our Constitution here.

Three Seas Cornwall is not a registered charity and therefore does not appear on the Charity Commission website. We have charitable objectives and are currently seeking “Exempt Charity” status with HMRC.

Our organisational details are on the FCA Mutuals Register and our annual report will be published there after the end of our first financial year.

Local connection – how we’ll make it work

How do you define local, and who will get the homes?

We are completely committed to the concept of Local Homes for Local People. We understand that people from other areas may have equal or greater housing needs than people in each community, but we won’t be able to help them. Our policy is clear and will not change - the applicants will need to show substantial local connection if they are to get a flat. The minimum will be five years’ local connection, although we expect that most applicants will have a lifetime of links to the area.  

If we are offered Government or other finance that means we have to soften our policy and potentially allow people from other areas to get a tenancy – we will refuse that finance.

Tenant selection: We have strong processes to ensure that the flats will be rented to local people from each community. It works by using very clear and fair selection criteria, on a points system, that checks for local connection and then for housing need. We tested our system in the identical selection process in Cawsand village – it works well, so we will apply it in the new locations.

Security of tenure and tenant rights and responsibilities

Our housing is highly desirable. The homes are rebuilt to high quality, and will be properly maintained into the future; they will be let on secure long-term tenancies, at low rents. In return for a high-quality home, it’s important that every tenant is clear about their obligations. We are not a housing provider of last resort – that’s Cornwall Council. We will expect tenants to pay their rent on time, and to respect their neighbours; antisocial behaviour or rent arrears won’t be accepted and will lead to eviction.

  • Non-payment of rent. People will get a flat by showing that they can pay - and if they then don’t pay, they will have to leave. We will provide all the support we can on debt, welfare advice, advocacy, rights and finance. We will take on people who are on benefits – of course – but the same rules will apply.
  • Anti-social behaviour. Our flats are going to be highly sought after, a lucky break not a soft option. We expect the tenants to show respect for us and for their neighbours. If people become anti-social (noise, mess, drink/drugs), then they will be evicted in line with the tenancy agreement that they signed.