Local homes for local people

High-quality, secure long-term rentals, so people can live and work in their home areas. Strong Local Connection criteria -

Work with local communities

We’ll create new housing directly or with Community Land Trusts and local groups. Communities will have genuine control, to safeguard the homes and create more.

Focus on rebuilding neglected housing

Find, buy and refurbish old property, often neglected or underused for many years. Refurb eyesores to make high-quality homes.

Heritage and preservation

We’ll take on historic listed buildings, often in poor condition. We’ll rebuild and improve, while safeguarding the heritage.

Minimum impact on the planet

Reduce our carbon: better for the planet and the tenants through lower energy bills. High-quality insulation and cost-saving, green energy generation where possible.

Not-for-profit, forever

Really strong safeguards and covenants to defend our housing forever: all surplus reinvested into new homes. Everything published and visible – no secrets.